Code Engineers is an Information Communication and Technology company. Information Technology, in brief, is a very large set of tools and techniques that varies from INTERNET to intra-net, desktop applications and services to web apps, and databases to networking. Code Engineers is all about providing these tools and techniques to serve your business or professional needs of today and tomorrow.

Keeping in mind the above, our first objective is to provide information technology services that no one else can. Maintaining the stream line of trust of our clients, we aim to provide software solutions that are future oriented, present satisfactory, user friendly and problem solving. We always believe in customer satisfaction and give it the first priority in our software development life cycle. It is the customer who make us. Our aim is to follow traditional and modern software engineering patterns and provide high quality software to our clients. We try our best for developing genuine software solutions that are technology oriented keeping in mind the requirements provided.

Code Engineers is a software company, born in 2011, managed by a group of Information technology enthusiasts. Main focus of the company is to deliver high end software applications to the industry that obey the laws of standardization, traditional software engineering techniques, flexibility and extensibility. In the field of software application development, company has been successful in various projects that includes applications on both desktop as well as web and mobile. Code Engineers is a company having clear goals and objectives. Having high rate of competition in the market, it has the capabilities to survive and making trust by providing high standard software solutions to its clients. Code Engineers believe in future technologies as well as maintaining the norms of present. The company has always been successful in risk management.

Code Engineers believe in struggle, motivation, devotion and hard work. Customer is our first priority. Code Engineers strictly follow the rules of software engineering and development life cycle. Code Engineers believe in traditions, norms and uniqueness. We read and understand our customer better.

We believe numbers does not count when there is hard work and struggle and we believe in both. Our team consist of highly qualified professionals, educated from well reputed universities and masters of their tools. We gather our team keeping in view the trends of software market. Our team is fast, precise and technologically perfect. Our team can work in various tools that varies from open source to closed source. We believe in team work, self confidence, team trust and output. Some of the tools our team can work on are

* Web Development in server side Technologies like, PHP, JSP, Oracle Apex (Native/Frameworked)
* Web Development in client side Technologies like React, NodeJs, Flutter
* Desktop Development (.net, Java)
* Database Development (SQL Server, Oracle)